Wednesday, September 28, 2016
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Growing Strong Daughters: Encouraging Girls to Become All They’re Meant to Be - by Lisa Graham McMinn – Today's culture offers greater opportunities for women than ever before; yet it still pressures them to fit longstanding stereo types. How can you shape your daughter to become the strong, confident woman she was meant to be? Among many topics, McMinn discusses how you can teach your daughter to:

-        be independent as well as interdependent

-        feel confident in her ability to think and speak for herself

-        have a healthy perspective toward her total self

-        develop strong relationships with boys, a future mate, and both parents

This intelligent and readable book is filled with strategies and personal insights to guide you in raising well-adjusted daughters made in the image of God. Her personal insight, life experience, and careful research combine to make this book helpful for all who are involved in raising and nurturing girls--whether parents, teachers, church leaders, or civic communities.


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Adult classes available on DVD for loan in the church library

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Living the Questions - Jeff Proctor-Murphy
Science and Religion - Dr. Bill Garlington
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