Sunday, September 25, 2016

Looking for Health Information You Can Trust?

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Carole Cutler, RN, Health Coordinator
Something New & Exciting…
The Wellness & Caregiver Center
of Ventura County …
     I had the opportunity to spend an hour over at the new Wellness &
Caregiver Center on Las Posas Road, Bldg. H, Suite 188, for a private
tour of an amazing resource for Camarillo and Ventura County residents. 
In 2008 the Camarillo Health Care District conducted a community needs
assessment that requested that the people of Ventura County describe
their needs, and how the District could help them improve their health status
and quality of life, the community’s response revealed “the reality of life for
many.  "So, in conjunction with the Ventura County Area Agency on Aging,
Kaiser  Permanente and the Partners in Care Foundation they created “a
sanctuary for learning, renewal, and compassionate care.”
     In the weeks ahead I will highlight some of the wonderful resources available
to you and others in Ventura County.  So be sure to drop by and visit this new
resource center in Camarillo.
“Better Living through Better Choices…”
The Wellness & Caregiver Center’s purpose is to “work to humanize,
personalize and demystify the impact of chronic disease and the burden
of caregiving.” With the help of trained professionals the Center will assist
you with educational support services from a library where trained individuals
coach you in online research at the accessible computer workstation or if you
need a private consultation, they will help you navigate through your chronic
disease. Also offered are free classes for “Caregiver at Home” which cover
a variety of topics. No-cost Adult Day Service or in-home respite can be
provided while you learn.  So stop by 3687 E. Las Posas Rd., Bldg H,
Suite 188, Camarillo or call 1-800-900-8582 for more information.

The Wellness & Caregiver Center of Ventura County offers a Stanford
University’s six-week program to educate and empower people living with
chronic disease by teaching coping techniques for frustration, fatigue and
isolation, appropriate use of medication and nutrition, and how to evaluate
new treatments.” Also, a free case management with a comprehensive
assessment and referral services to connect you with existing community
services to support your families challenges. Call 1-800-900-8582 for more
Located at the Wellness & Caregiver Center in Camarillo is a multitude of
community partners that hold office hours so they can provide you with
services such as: legal services, advocacy, health insurance counseling,
health screenings, topical education sessions, and a variety of additional
services. The Brain Injury Center has an office in the new Center and they
provide information, education and outreach with a compassionate support
system to those living with a brain injury. There are many “partners” so visit to see all services provided.
 Carole Cutler, RN